Blog is Closed

Think I forgot to mention that officially here. If you haven’t realized, this blog’s been officially closed. Though will stay up just for archive purposes, I’m not going to start it up again.

If you want to follow me still, you can find me here: zedrin-maybe (note I don’t really blog MLP)

And of course I’m also active within sillyfillystudios

Ciao for now


Fall of the Crystal Empire is now on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! Thank you to everyone for your patience and continued support!

((I forgot to post this here since it actually ties into this blog’s backstory. Have some pony-on-pony fight scenes.))

((If you want to see what else I’m up to since this blog is otherwise dead, you can follow me at zedrin-maybe. Thanks for supporting the blog while it had its run.))

((Some explanation about the future of this blog))

((So, it’s been a few months since the last update. If you haven’t figured it out, this blog’s basically been moved on to an indefinite hiatus.

Largely things have been problematic for me. This is one of three ask blogs I run, two of which (including this one) are heavily story driven. This results in updates being a lot more weighted and significant, while also requiring more work.

Additionally, these ask blogs are not my primary focus: my primary niche in this fandom is as an animator, as the trailer for Fall of the Empire would suggest.

This historically hasn’t been a problem for me, but as of recent months something’s just curbed a lot of my interest in the fandom. I still enjoy magical horses, but I have been significantly less motivated to draw them. School hasn’t helped either (senior year in college). The last piece of pony-related artwork I made dates back to July—since then, the only MLP-based media I’ve had the will to output has been flash animation related. 

As such, this blog is unfortunately on indefinite hiatus. Fall of the Empire WILL tie in to it very closely, however, so be on the look out for that animation when it releases. If you want to contact me personally, you can find my modblog here

Otherwise, thanks, it’s been fun. Sorry it took so long to get around to saying this.

Also, if you REALLY want, you can read below the break for spoilers as to what I had planned for this blog))

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Coming soon…

(reposting because there was a problem with the original upload)

((Reblogging here because this is relevant to the blog.))

I painted this for you, I love your blog!

((Oh wow, thanks!))

I painted this for you, I love your blog!

((Oh wow, thanks!))